What Makes the Lateral Thinking Different Than Other Idea Generators?

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The difference maker that Lateral Thinking brings to a company is revolutionary. Lateral Thinking changes a companies ideas generators from a slow and difficult process to a fast, productive, and fun process. The competitive advantage the Lateral Thinking gives a company is multiple ideas in a matter of few minutes towards any situation, problem, or process. Below is a fun example of Lateral Thinking Results done in our office.

Problem in the space exploration world: How to land a rocket in order to recycle it?

Current process: Land the rocket the same way it took off.

Lateral Thinking process:

  1. Land it like an F-15 lands on an aircraft carrier.
  2. Have a plane catch it in the mid air and assist the landing.
  3. Land it the same way it took off.

This was a 30 second Lateral Thinking session which could change and revolutionize the way rockets land. Lateral Thinking forces the teams thoughts outside of the current ways of doing things and look for more innovative solutions that are beyond this world. This is why our clients see Lateral Thinking as their competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

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