Webinar: Imagine What Six Thinking Hats Training Can Do For Your Organization

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Today was our second day of hosting a Webinar focused on Six Thinking Hats and how you can bring Six Hats to your organization. We had three speakers on the call: Barbara Stennes, Certified Lifetime Master Trainer of Edward de Bono’s Thinking Methods; Amy Hoey, Business Development Manager of de Bono Consulting; and Jim Atkinson, Six Sigma Master Black Belt with Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’l, which is a DuPont Company.


  • Origin of Six Thinking Hats
  • Client Applications
  • Jim Atkinson, Pioneer Hi-Bred, International
  • Explanation of the Six Modes of Thinking
  • Demonstration of Parallel Thinking
  • Opportunities for In-depth Learning

15 people attended each Webinar, many of them from Fortune 500 companies. Barbara used the state of US airline travel as an example as she went through a demonstration of of Six Thinking Hats. Her sequence was Blue Hat, Yellow Hat, Black Hat, White Hat, Green Hat, Red Hat, Blue Hat.

Jim Atkinson was asked to speak at this event because he has facilitated many meetings in a wide range of venues using Six Hats. Jim brought a broad background of hands-on experience to our Webinars.

Visit the de Bono Events page on our website to view our upcoming Edward de Bono Training events.

Comments and Questions from participants:

“Focus is positive, it was quick, flowed very well. Even though I never tried this process before.. easy to learn.”

“Would you please speak to the application of Six Thinking Hats in leadership development?”

“Thank you for this overview. I look forward to becoming certified. I plan on attending a Six Thinking Hats Certification program in the spring.”



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