Six Thinking Hats Online – Interactive Tutorial by Dr. Edward de Bono

A Six Thinking Hats Online Introduction from Edward de Bono . . .

Six Thinking Hats, created by Edward de Bono, is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals in business and government to bring structure and discipline to group dynamics, allowing individuals and teams to accomplish more in less time.

The purpose of the Six Thinking Hats Online is simple. This 45-60 minute interactive tutorial introduces Team Members to Six Thinking Hats, allowing them to quickly become valuable participants when using the framework. Although Six Thinking Hats Online is not a replacement for live training, it does accomplish a very important objective; it assures that Six Thinking Hats is introduced consistently throughout your entire organization.

When using Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats framework complemented by Six Thinking Hats Online, your teams can expect these powerful results:

  • Faster implementation of the Six Thinking Hats process
  • Increased skill in using the Six Thinking Hats framework
  • More frequent application of the Six Thinking Hats methods within teams

Six Thinking Hats Online Goals & Expectations

There are two reasons to have participants complete the Six Thinking Hats Online Tutorial:

1. They Will Attend a Six Thinking Hats Training Course Led by a Certified Six Hats Trainer

Certified Six Thinking Hats Trainers can accelerate the classroom learning experience by having participants learn some of the basics online. This will help increase skill level once participants return to real life applications in the workplace. Participants need not memorize the material in Six Thinking Hats Online. A printable summary sheet is available and all of the key points are reinforced in the classroom training.

2. They Will Participate in Six Thinking Hats Meetings

Completing Six Thinking Hats Online will prepare your participants to be more effective meeting participants under the direction of a trained Six Thinking Hats leader. Time-consuming introductions won’t be necessary and participants will be able to easily follow his/her lead.

Take Six Thinking Hats Online anytime and anywhere via the Internet.

Six Thinking Hats Online Price: $99 / person

Assign Your Own Six Thinking Hats Online Access Codes

Your company can setup its own dedicated Six Thinking Hats Online site. This provides a private label site that only your employees may use. If your company would like to offer Six Thinking Hats Online to users over a long period of time – i.e.more than a year, or plans to rotate staff through the course, we recommend a dedicated site.

  • For companies with 200 or more users
  • Includes your company logo
  • Allows employees to “self-register” for the course
  • Customize your site – include special instructions that pertain to your company. etc.
  • One-time setup fee: $1,500 and up depending on the level of customization desired
  • Requires a minimum purchase of 200 access codes at setup. Call for access code pricing.
  • Monthly hosting fee of $50
  • Setup typically takes less than a week

Call 1.800.278.1292 for additional information on a Six Thinking Hats Online site.