Six Thinking Hats Open Seminars

Attend a one-day Six Thinking Hats training seminar or four-day Six Thinking Hats trainer certification with participants from various organizations.

Six Thinking Hats 1-Day Seminars
Six Thinking Hats training participants will leave with the knowledge of the Six Hats tools for immediate application in their workplace and beyond.

I am pleased I was able to participate in the “Six Thinking Hats” training last month. This process has already helped me in planning and conducting my Affirmative Action Committee meeting, even though other committee members have not had the training. I know the six thinking hats process can be of great assistance in communicating with my 16-year-old if I just take time and discipline myself! I am going to try the process with two of my brothers at a family gathering later this week. It should be fun and interesting!
Mary Christianson, Employment Manager
Outdoor Technologies Group

Attend one of the seminars listed below or have one of our Six Thinking Hats trainers deliver an in-house Six Thinking Hats seminar for your team.

    Six Thinking Hats 4-Day Certifications: $5,250 / person + manuals
    Only Certified Six Thinking Hats trainers are allowed to purchase materials and teach the Six Thinking Hats methods to others.

    Host a Six Thinking Hats Training Seminar
    To host a Six Thinking Hats seminar at your organization, call 1.800.278.1292.

    Comments From Six Thinking Hats Training Seminar Participants

    “Barbara Stennes was great! Anecdotes bring it alive!! A really good exposure to practical de Bono ideas. Course organization was just right.”
    Richard Moore, President – TPN

    “I can think of few subjects/skills more important than this subject matter. It’s the beginning of a potentially beautiful mental ride.”
    Mark A. Smith – J.P. Morgan Chase

    “This was an engaging way to learn about a valuable tool and start the skill development process.”
    Kara Gale – Koch Industries

    “Worth every cent for those [who] look to improve their ideation process.”

    “A great process to bring about creative thinking in a cooperative environment.”
    Emily Fuerst – Kemin

    “Everyone received the discipline very well. It has taken little to no effort to use it. I’m looking forward to great successes in the future with Six Hats.”