Six Thinking Hats One-Day Training Agenda

Continental Breakfast / Registration


  • Meet your Six Thinking Hats instructor and fellow participants, share objectives, and lay the groundwork for a lively, interactive day.

Overview of Parallel Thinking®

  • Get acquainted with a framework that replaces 2,500 years of argument with a more constructive and collaborative approach. Here’s your ticket to freedom from endless group squabbling–and from arguing with yourself all the time, as well.
  • Try on each Thinking Hat. Master the Six Thinking Hats vocabulary, test drive the thinking process cued by each hat, and get a feel for how the system works.


Individual Thinking

  • Discover how the Six Thinking Hats can improve your individual thinking. You will never be at a loss again when someone asks you “what you think.” And you’ll know how to use the Six Hats tools to make sure that your views are based on a balanced, carefully considered exploration of the subject.


Group Thinking and Applications

  • Explore Six Thinking Hats for group facilitation. You’ll use the framework to keep meetings focused, efficient, productive, and results-oriented. You’ll experience firsthand the contrast between traditional meetings and meetings led by YOU, using your new, simple, powerful Six Hats system.
  • Add more practical applications: Use the framework on the run and in practical, everyday activities. Don’t know where to start a project or task? Set up a hats sequence and watch the ideas flow. Six Thinking Hats becomes an indispensable organizational tool.


Sequencing Guidelines and Practice Using the Six Thinking Hats

  • Dig deeper into sequencing, and then practice using the Six Thinking Hats in various workplace scenarios. Take turns acting as group facilitator or team member. Your instructor will observe you closely and you’ll receive plenty of positive coaching and feedback.

Review the Day with Q & A

  • Q & A plus opportunities for staying connected and spreading the use of the tools within your team, division, or organization.

Complete an Evaluation Using the Six Thinking Hats for Assessment

Six Thinking Hats Agenda subject to change.