Six Thinking Hats In-House Seminars

Save Time & Money With a One- or Two-Day Six Thinking Hats In-House Seminar

Six Thinking Hats is a simple and powerful tool that will change the way your team thinks, leading to innovative thinking and creative problem-solving that is vital to your organization’s success.

“Six Thinking Hats is still continuing to have a positive impact on our department. The Six Thinking Hats poster has been framed and is hanging, very prominently, in our department. I notice that the hat colors are continuously mentioned, which helps keep us all on the same track.”
Mary Neville, M&M Mars

Six Thinking Hats Training Will:

  • Teach your team to think in parallel and will encourage the unique contributions of each individual
  • Teach simple techniques that will foster collaborative thinking and interaction, keeping egos in check
  • Provide a constructive alternative to argument or drifting discussion, allowing you to run effective and productive meetings
  • Encourage different kinds of thinking, which creates a more open, creative climate for discussion
  • Teach your team creative thinking methods to help develop alternative and innovative solutions

“I cannot recommend de Bono Consulting’s Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Training enough. I used the tools and techniques learned immediately during a strategic ideation workshop I facilitated with my top client – a large multi-national company. They absolutely loved the results. The participants gave the Six Thinking Hats method a 10 out of 10 on their post-workshop evaluations.”
-Sylven Reed, Sylven Strategies Consulting, Kailua, HI

“Thank you for your wonderful facilitation of the Six Thinking Hats for the Iowa Quality Leaders Quarterly. Even though it was my second time through the course, I still came away with new ideas on how to use the tools! I have been using the hat method before and after meetings with amazing results. This process helps me to take a 360 degree look at issues while remaining as neutral as humanly possible.”
Linda Hurst, Department of Management
State of Iowa

View a One-Day Six Thinking Hats Training Seminar Agenda

Benefits of Holding a Two-Day Six Thinking Hats Seminar

A two-day Six Thinking Hats class can be highly customized to meet your specific business needs. For example: complement change management; innovation; advanced facilitation; creative thinking; critical thinking. You will also be able to cover advanced uses of the tool.

Your learners will have the opportunity to apply Six Thinking Hats to their real issues. They’ll walk away with a higher level of confidence because they have extensive practice, feedback, and coaching.

The two-day option is excellent for employees who are responsible for leading a lot of meetings, especially if they want to develop stronger facilitation skills using Six Thinking Hats.

There is a very strong emphasis on creativity in the two-day course. Your team will have a great creative application session to boost skill building and add take-a-way job value.

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“After reflecting on the revised Cargill Corporate Orientation Program that was implemented last year, I realized one of the valuable improvements we made to the program was the addition of the Six Thinking Hats course as one of our skill-building workshops. I am impressed with your facilitation style and effectiveness. Your in-depth knowledge of the subject matter allows for you to be creative and adjust to the needs of the group. You answer questions clearly and concisely, and you facilitate interaction and participation The value you bring to me as the course designer/manager is your flexibility and willingness to adapt to the needs of my organization. THANK YOU!
Lisa Anderson, Training Specialist