Six Thinking Hats Conference Presentations

Resources Unlimited is happy to offer our Six Thinking Hats services at your next conference. We can present a keynote incorporating Six Thinking Hats, or an interactive one- to two-hour Six Thinking Hats breakout session.

For the latter, we would first train a set of meeting facilitators from your organization to assist our Six Thinking Hats Master Trainer in conducting small group meetings on critical industry or company topics.

Pre-Conference Six Thinking Hats Training

Step 1: In advance of your conference, we recommend you select 1 person per each group of 10 attendees who will be responsible for facilitating real-issue discussions throughout the conference.

Step 2: 2-3 months prior to the conference, each facilitator will do one of three things to prepare: read the Six Thinking Hats book, take the 60-minute de Bono Online tutorial in advance of the conference, or participate in a 60-minute live online meeting where we utilize the Six Thinking Hats software.

Step 3: Each of the facilitators will be asked to use the Six Thinking Hat process at least twice on their own prior to attending the conference.

Step 4: Your company and/or the facilitators will provide Barbara Stennes with the real-issue topics to be discussed during the conference.

Step 5: At the conference, Barbara Stennes will conduct a live refresher session for the facilitators in advance of the general session. The purpose is to answer questions and meet the facilitators face-to-face. (Approximately 1 hour).

General Session

The purpose is to introduce Six Thinking Hats during a half-day afternoon session where all attendees will learn the Six Thinking Hats method in sufficient detail to be able to follow the lead of the trained facilitators. The facilitators will be responsible for leading a demonstration topic at the conference and leading small group discussions.

Small Group Discussions

In advance, Resources Unlimited will work with you (and any other decision-makers) to determine the topics that will be addressed during these small group discussions. Each small group will be assigned a topic that is of significance to the industry. We will work with you to design the discussion sequence in such a way as to obtain the maximum value for their time.

Each group will have a facilitator and a scribe who will use Post-it Note Easel Pad paper to capture the content of their discussions. These facilitators will be coached by the Master Trainer in advance of the event. In addition, the Master Trainer and assistant trainer will provide assistance and suggestions as needed while circulating throughout the room during the small group discussions.

Each conference attendee will receive a Six Thinking Hats job aid to use during the session and to take back to the office.