Power of Perception Certifications
Formerly Direct Attention Thinking Tools (DATT)

The 10 simple strategies that consistently produce focused thinking, quick problem solving and good decisions.

Power of Perception ENABLES EMPLOYEES TO

See the BIG PICTURE – Thoroughly Judge a Situation Before Acting – Replace Obstacles with Simple Solutions – Avoid Snap Judgments & Costly Mistakes – Consistently Make “The Right Call” – Lay out an Action Plan

Today’s fast pace pushes people into acting without enough thought – or not acting at all. Opinions and paradigms powerfully control our perception. Mistaken perception leads to bad decisions and needless error.  Power of Perception sharpens perception and puts people in command of a powerful framework for efficiently resolving any situation. It’s been proven to improve productivity by as much as 300 percent!

The Power of Perception-trained employee will out-think and outperform everyone else. Nothing out-does Power of Perception in equipping people to avoid impulsive behavior, see the big picture clearly and consider the consequences before acting. Power of Perception opens the mind to countless alternatives here others see only confusion. It virtually takes the risk out of decision-making, speeds up any process and consistently delivers greater results.

Power of Perception is based upon Dr. Edward de Bono’s knowledge of how the brain handles information, yet it’s so simple that anyone can learn and apply it. By teaching Power of Perception to everyone, you can arm them for greater responsibility and contribution. You can vastly reduce poor judgment and propel the organization faster toward even the most complex goals.

Power of Perception is the Handy Toolset for Sharpening Minds as the Prelude to Every Decision and Action

  • Brings thinking into clear and targeted focus
  • Directs the mind to consider all angles
  • Employs “what if” tactics to avoid costly errors
  • Uncovers hidden opportunities in “problems”
  • Reveals the best solutions faster
  • Leads to optimal decisions
  • Builds strong, confident decision makers
  • Breaks through self-limiting perspectives

A Certified de Bono Instructor: one who removes mental roadblocks, breaks outdated thinking habits and gets breakthrough results that build futures:

Today and tomorrow, creativity and innovation will decide your company’s fate. Only Edward de Bono has developed workable, proven methods for changing the way people think as the springboard to continuous new idea generation.

As a Certified de Bono Instructor you will be teaching advanced thinking skills – no “how to fix the past” but how to ensure company growth.

Only a Certified de Bono Instructor can teach these exclusive methods. If you would like to teach Power of Perception to others, you are required to become certified.

Or, if you’re an independent training consultant, de Bono Certification will propel your business as nothing else can.

We Support you 100%

Your certification in a de Bono course is not a one-time event, but a relationship. We support you throughout our relationship with whatever assistance, tools and expertise you require. Our mission is to make the difference in thinking that can create a lasting competitive advantage for companies while enhancing the lives of people.

Steps to Becoming Certified to Teach Power of Perception

1) Notify Resources Unlimited that you would like to attend a public certification or have us conduct an in-house certification.

2) Complete and return the Power of Perception Certification Application Form and 3 Reference Forms (emailed to you upon registration).

3) Complete and return the Power of Perception  Certification Contract prior to the certification (mailed to you a few weeks prior to the certification).

4) Review the Resources Unlimited Cancellation Policy.

5) Power of Perception Instructors must recertify every 2 years.

For additional information on Power of Perception, please call 1.800.278.1292.