Lateral Thinking Two-Day Agenda

Lateral Thinking Day 1

Continental Breakfast (if desired) / Registration


  • Instructor, participants, and program

Focus technique:

  • When and how to change the focus of your thinking

Alternatives technique:

  • How to use concepts as a breeding ground for new ideas and how to look beyond the obvious alternatives


Alternatives technique continued


Challenge technique:

  • The willingness to explore the reasons why we do things the way we do


Random Entry technique:

  • Use an unconnected input to open up new lines of thinking


Creative Session:

  • Using the techniques of Focus, Alternatives/Concepts, and Random Entry

Q & A

Lateral Thinking Day 2

Continental Breakfast (if desired)

Q & A from Day 1; Review

Provocation technique:

  • Generating provocative statements and using them with Movement techniques to build new ideas


Provocation technique continued


Formal Creative Session:

  • Demonstrating what a creative session would be like using the techniques with the same Focus. Ideas generated will be used for Harvest and Treatment


Harvest technique:

  • Double the output from your creative skill

Treatment technique:

  • Develop ideas and shape them to fit an organization or situation

Complete course evaluation forms

Dismissal of two-day training participants