Lateral Thinking Training Seminars and Certifications

Attend a two-day Lateral Thinking training seminar or four-day Lateral Thinking certification with participants from various organizations.

Lateral Thinking 1-Day Seminars: $999 / person
Lateral Thinking training participants will leave with the knowledge of the Lateral Thinking tools for immediate application in their workplace and beyond.

Lateral Thinking 4-Day Certifications: $5,250 / person + manuals
Only Certified Lateral Thinking trainers are allowed to purchase materials and teach the Lateral Thinking methods to others.

Host a Lateral Thinking Seminar

To host a Lateral Thinking seminar at your organization, call 1.800.278.1292.

Save Travel Time and Money with a Lateral Thinking In-House Seminar

We can deliver Lateral Thinking seminars at your location. This option is oftentimes more cost effective than sending employees to a Lateral Thinking public seminar.

One of our Lifetime Certified Master Trainers, will conduct your training session. If not, we have Certified de Bono Trainers in over 35 countries that may conduct the training.

Your organization would need to provide the following:

  • Meeting room
  • Lunches & break refreshments (optional)
  • LCD Projector and cable / screen / power strip for presenter’s laptop(s)
  • Video Projector(s) for playing of a VHS videotape
  • Two flipcharts/easels at front of class for the presenter
  • One flipchart and easel stand for each small group of 5-7 people
  • 3 X 5 pastel yellow pads of adhesive notes for each participant
  • Name tents or name badges
  • Masking tape for each small group
  • Colored flipchart markers (not dry erase markers)
  • Black fine-point felt-tip pens for each participant
  • Highlighters for each participant
  • Evaluation forms for each participant

Prices will vary depending upon the number of people attending.

Please contact us at 1.800.278.1292 or for a Lateral Thinking in-house quote.