Lateral Thinking Certification – Learn to Teach the Power of Creativity and Innovation to Others

Become a Certified Lateral Thinking Trainer

You must complete a Lateral Thinking Certification in order to teach Lateral Thinking and to purchase Lateral Thinking training materials. We strive to create strong relationships with our Certified Lateral Thinking Trainers and promise to support you with whatever assistance, tools and expertise you require.

Lateral Thinking Certification Qualifications Include:

  • Proof of professional achievement
  • A commitment to teach Lateral Thinking as it is written using the Lateral Thinking participant manuals
  • Commitment to sustain the value and integrity of Dr. de Bono’s thinking methods, materials, and his personal reputation and credibility
  • A signed agreement upon acceptance of your application
  • Certified Lateral Thinking Trainers Must Recertify Every 2 Years

Corporate Certified Lateral Thinking Instructors

Corporate Certified Lateral Thinking Instructors are employed full-time by an organization, and complete their Lateral Thinking certification under their organization’s sponsorship. They certify in order to teach Lateral Thinking to others in their own organization.

Note: When a Corporate Certified Lateral Thinking Instructor leaves their employer, their employer may replace that individual (certify another corporate employee) within 12 months and save $1,000 on Lateral Thinking Certification.

Independent Certified Lateral Thinking Instructors

Independent Certified Lateral Thinking Instructors are consultants or trainers who have their own businesses and provide Lateral Thinking training courses and services to their clients.

Lateral Thinking Certifications are led by highly qualified Master Trainers who have demonstrated expertise in two distinctly different areas:

  1. They have repeatedly demonstrated a very high level of competence in developing others in the de Bono methods across various industries/companies/professions
  2. They have developed the capability to train instructors to teach the tools to others

How will time be spent at certification?

  • Learners taking the certification course participate with those attending just the two-day course for training purposes. This model allows those certifying to experience an actual two-day training course and to observe the training as delivered by a Master Trainer.
  • Each tool is covered in much greater detail after experiencing the course as a participant.
  • Participants complete assignments each evening, which include reading and preparing practice sessions and facilitations.
  • A number of assigned practice sessions and facilitations are conducted throughout the Lateral Thinking certification.
  • Participants arrive each morning prepared to deliver assignments.
  • Participants receive immediate constructive feedback from the Master Trainer and participants.
  • Participants also provide immediate constructive feedback to others attending the certification.

Steps to Becoming Certified to Teach Lateral Thinking

  1. Notify us that you would like to attend a public certification or have us conduct an in-house certification at your organization.
  2. Complete and return the Lateral Thinking Certification Application Form and 3 Reference Forms (emailed to you upon registration).
  3. Complete and return the Lateral Thinking Certification Contract prior to the certification (mailed to you a few weeks prior to the certification).
  4. Lateral Thinking Instructors must recertify every 2 years.
  5. Review the Resources Unlimited Cancellation Policy.

“The Lateral Thinking creativity program provides you with a number of proven and concrete ways to learn the power of creativity and innovation.” – Edward de Bono

Lateral Thinking Certification Pricing Options

Lateral Thinking Certification Option 1
Manuals: After completing your Lateral Thinking Certification, manuals are available for purchase.
Please call 1.800.278.1292 for manual pricing.
Certification Fee: $5,250 due upon registration

Lateral Thinking Certification Option 2
Manuals: If you purchase 125 Lateral Thinking Manuals, the price of your Certification is reduced by one half.
Certification Fee: $2,625 due upon registration

Lateral Thinking Certification Option 3
Manuals: If candidates purchase 225 participant manuals, the fee for certification is waived.
Certification Fee: $0

Please call 1.800.278.1292 for more information or email