Course in Creativity

Essential Skills to Drive Innovation: Six Thinking Hats AND Lateral Thinking

Do You Have an Innovation Strategy?
Even if you don’t — innovation is critical to your organization.

The search is on for how to assure your organization’s survival and prosperity into the future. What’s desperately needed, and often missing, from innovation strategies are proven, repeatable methods for producing creativity on demand.

The Course in Creativity, created by Edward de Bono, combines two time-tested results driven methodologies – Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking Training.

Course in Creativity participants will enhance their communication skills, generate more creative ideas, reduce conflict, and improve team results.

With Course in Creativity Training you’ll discover the difference trained creative thinkers can make in your organization!

Course in Creativity Objectives and Outcomes

Course in Creativity combines Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking training to produce powerful thinking results.

Course in Creativity Participants will learn to:

  • Manage the process of thinking in increase efficiency
  • Think in parallel with one another, which keeps egos in check and encourages the contributions of each individual
  • Organize and lead effective meetings, helping to “out-think” the competition
  • Dramatically increase your number of new ideas
  • Anticipate changes, helping you prepare for the future
  • Use alternatives to harness the creative energy of the organization
  • Rigorously evaluate ideas, eliminating costly mistakes
  • Execute work plans on time and within budget, saving you and your clients time and money
  • Learn the Course in Creativity Thinking Methods

Course in Creativity On-Site Training Seminars

One of our Certified de Bono Trainers will deliver an in-house Course in Creativity training seminar to teach your team the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking methods. Call 1.800.278.1292 for a customized training proposal.

Course in Creativity Open Seminars

Attend a three-day Course in Creativity seminar with employees from other organizations.
Course in Creativity Training Seminar Dates & Locations

Course in Creativity Conference / Convention Presentations

Have de Bono Consulting present a creativity keynote, general session, or breakout session. Call 1.800.278.1292 for details.

Course in Creativity Results

DuPont benchmarked every creativity process on the market for its Creativity Center. Dr. David Tanner, former technical director of DuPont, says, “the de Bono techniques were the most useful”. An employee’s suggestion – the re-engineering of a manufacturing process for Kevlar – eliminated nine steps in the manufacturing process as a result of using de Bono techniques and saved DuPont $30 million dollars.
Read more in Innovation: Case by Case by de Bono Consulting CEO and Founder, Barbara Stennes

Course in Creativity Testimonials

“I have been meaning to write to Barbara Stennes to thank her for the wonderful introduction to Edward de Bono’s tools and techniques. Ever since I returned from the Course in Creativity, I have been practicing the techniques in every aspect of my life and work. The results have been amazing. I’ve used it for conflict resolution, meeting facilitation to design a new product and to evaluate new proposals and ideas. I’ve given my manager an overview of the training and I hope more people on my team can take advantage of the techniques.” – Technical Analyst, Premera Blue Cross

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