Six Thinking Hats Influence Sabrina Tan Decision

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In a recent interview by Sonia Kolesnikov, Making Use of a Fresh Perspective, talks about Sabrina Tan’s career and her move into Skin, Inc. During the interview, Sabrina Tan talks about her IBM experience and the training she received in presentation skills and the Six Thinking Hats. In the interview, Sabrina Tan mentions that IBM taught her how to use different thinking hats to solve problems and think outside the box which helped lead to her success.

How can the Six Thinking Hats make your business become a game changer within your markets? Does your company training give you the tools you need to make your company competitive and innovative within your industry?

Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking are tools that will jump start your organization’s innovative and creativity thinking to make you dominate your market niche.

By de Bono Consulting

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