The cost of a poorly run meeting is astronomical. However, a productive, efficiently run meeting can save thousands, create new ideas that help a company achieve financial success, solve major problems, and foster an atmosphere that motivates individuals.

When Should You Work With a de Bono Meeting Facilitator?

When your team needs to generate creative new ideas

When your group doesn’t wish to use an internal meeting facilitator

When a number of meetings have already been held on the issue and no progress had been made

When your team is considering controversial issues and participants have a history of taking sides

A de Bono Meeting Facilitator will:

  • Help you clearly define and achieve your meeting objectives
  • Work with you in advance of your meeting to design the thinking agenda so it contains all of the necessary thinking ingredients to enable success
  • Lead the entire meeting, allowing all attendees to fully participate in the thinking process
  • Ensure the agenda is clearly understood by each meeting participant
  • Define and explain the Edward de Bono thinking techniques they will use throughout the meeting
  • Keep participants focused on the defined objective, enabling parallel thinking
  • Leverage the diversity of thinking that leads to powerful solutions
  • Clarify statements and suggestions to avoid confusion
  • Control diversions and keep the process on track
  • Lead attendees to supported, workable action plans
  • Foster a meeting atmosphere that attendees will enjoy

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