Edward de Bono Certification Training

Today and tomorrow, creativity and innovation will decide your company or client’s fate. Only Dr. Edward de Bono has developed workable, proven methods for changing the way people think as a springboard to continue new idea generation.

As a Certified de Bono Instructor you will teach advanced thinking skills — not “how to fix the past,” but how to ensure growth.

Only Certified Instructors may teach these exclusive thinking methods.

If you’re an in-house training professional and you intend to secure your organization’s future, you will want to become certified.

Or if you’re an independent training consultant, de Bono Certification will propel your business as nothing else can.

Certifying your internal corporate trainer is the most cost-effective way to ensure the de Bono Thinking Systems are implemented throughout your organization.

Edward de Bono Certification training is led by highly qualified de Bono Master Trainers who have demonstrated a very advanced level of competence in developing others in the de Bono Thinking Systems across various industries/ companies/ professions. They have developed the capability to train instructors to teach the de Bono tools to others.

Edward de Bono Certification Options

1) Travel to an Open Edward de Bono Certification
Attend a four-day Edward de Bono Certification with trainers from other organizations. View de Bono Certification Events

2) Have de Bono Consulting Deliver an Edward de Bono Certification On-Site (Recommended)
A de Bono Master Trainer will come to your organization to deliver a fully-customized Edward de Bono Certification for two or more of your corporate trainers.

Benefits of an On-Site de Bono Certification

Team Member Training is Included
We will deliver team member training as part of the certification training for up to 25 of your employees.

You choose the dates, times, and location for the certification rather than planning around our scheduled events.

Travel Costs / Time Savings
You’ll only pay travel expenses for our Master Trainer and your trainers won’t spend additional days away from the office traveling to an open certification.

Customization / Confidentiality
Our de Bono Master Trainer will tailor the Edward de Bono Certification to your specific business objectives to help you quickly drive bottom line results. We take your company privacy very seriously and will sign your confidentiality agreement.

Consulting / Facilitation Skills
The de Bono tools will greatly enhance your facilitation skills, which will ensure the productivity of the meetings you facilitate for your internal and external clients.

Community of Practice
By certifying multiple trainers in the de Bono Thinking Systems, your team will develop a strong support network with one another to develop strategies for co-teaching, developing application challenges, and generating additional work with your clients.

Also, if a trainer should move to a new job or leave your company, you will then have trained expertise on staff to meet the needs of your internal and external clients. You won’t suffer the setback that often occurs at companies when their only trainer leaves the organization. You will protect your investment and your assets.

Edward de Bono Certification Process

1) Certification Application: de Bono Certification candidates must first apply for certification, provide professional references, and obtain approval from de Bono Consulting. de Bono Certification candidates are asked to provide:

  • Educational background
  • Training experience
  • Proof of professional achievement

Upon acceptance of your certification application we will send you an agreement to sign and return prior to the de Bono Certification.
2) Prework: Emailed to you in advance of the de Bono Certification.

3) Experience the course as a participant.
This model allows those certifying to experience an actual de Bono training course and to observe the training as delivered by a de Bono Master Trainer.

4) Edward de Bono Trainer Certification

  • The de Bono tools are each covered in much greater detail.
  • Participants complete evening assignments each night, including reading, preparing presentations, and preparing meeting facilitations.
  • A number of assigned practice sessions and facilitations are conducted during the certification.
  • Participants receive immediate constructive feedback from the de Bono Master Trainer, and are asked to provide feedback to others.

5) Recertification
Certified de Bono Trainers Must Recertify Every 2 Years. Click here to learn more

Edward de Bono Certification Pricing

Fee includes the training delivered by a de Bono Master Trainer, instructor manuals, and other materials required for de Bono Certification.

1 trainer: $5,250 certification fee, plus manuals
2 trainers: $10,500 certification fees, plus manuals
3 trainers: $15,750 certification fees, plus manuals

How to Book Your Edward de Bono Certification

Call 1.800.278.1292 to schedule your in-house de Bono Certification or Register for an Open de Bono Certification Training Event