de Bono Consulting Services & Training

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Meeting Facilitation

A productive, efficiently run meeting can save thousands of dollars, create new ideas that help a company achieve financial success, solve major problems, and foster an atmosphere that motivates individuals.

Our certified de Bono Meeting Facilitators have vast experience in using over 75 techniques from Edward de Bono for focused, productive, and innovative meetings. We lead on-site and virtual meetings.

Innovation Strategy

de Bono Consulting has more than 15 years of experience working with teams motivated to increase results through innovation. We can help you identify current barriers to innovation, pinpoint high-priority areas based on organizational objectives, develop a comprehensive innovation strategy, and help you see it through from start to finish.

We work with multinational organizations to develop a complete innovation strategy that will improve their bottom line results. Our work is featured in Total Creativity in Business & Industry by Dr. David Tanner who developed the DuPont Creativity & Innovation Center, and in the book Innovation: Case by Case by our CEO and President, Barbara Stennes.

Diagnosing & Changing Organizational Culture

How would you define your organizational culture?

Do you believe your culture needs a radical change?

Is a culture of indecision keeping your organization from achieving its objectives?

The experts at de Bono Consulting have the experience and proven methods to help you develop a strategy for changing your organizational culture.
We’ll help you make a radical organizational culture change the right way.

  • Analyze, understand, and diagnose your current organizational culture.
    We’ll help you identify what may be preventing your organization from moving forward. We’ll pinpoint your areas of strength and areas needing improvement.
  • Clarify the specific goals and objectives of your preferred organizational culture.
    If you’re looking to move your culture in a dfferent direction you’ll need clearly defined and measurable objectives.
  • Design a strategy to change your current organizational culture to match your preferred culture.
    What does your ideal culture look like? We’ll define a clear vision for your future.
  • Provide an assessment to identify the key competencies your leaders will personally need to develop or improve upon to support culture change.
    Cultural change does not happen overnight, but it is achievable with the support of a solid leadership team.
  • Train your leaders and other employees to modify behavior and plan for the future.
    Our proven methods will develop skills that are vital in helping you to cultivate the desired organizational culture change.
  • Define how you will measure success.
    What measurable factors will indicate that you’ve succeeded in changing your organizational culture?

Public Training Seminars

Our public Edward de Bono training seminars are designed to meet the needs of of three specific groups of attendees interested in:

  • Learning the tools and techniques for their own personal development
  • Evaluating the content for launching the workshop internally as a core program
  • Certifying in the program so that they can train others in the Edward de Bono Thinking Systems

In-House (On-Site) Training Seminars

We’ll bring the training to you! Training your employees in Edward de Bono’s thinking systems can boost your organization’s productivity, motivation, profits, and customer satisfaction.

A Lifetime Certified Master Trainer, or a Certified de Bono Trainer from our global network of trainers will conduct a training session tailored to meet your business objectives.

Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification is available for both internal trainers and for independent consultants. We offer public certifications as well as on-site trainer certification.

Other de Bono Consulting Services

Surveys to Measure Performance Improvement

We strongly believe that if you incorporate into your own training and development programs a follow-up reinforcement and support process which has built-in pre- and post-training assessment, you’ll get better results than organizations that conduct training as stand-alone events.


Our engaging and interactive keynotes are designed to anchor an off-site meeting event or an annual gathering. This is a nice way to engage and energize a large group of people on the importance of innovative thinking.

Executive Briefings

Our Executive Briefings are designed to introduce your team of decision makers to our Edward de Bono training solutions. Both face-to-face and virtual options are available.


After a de Bono Consulting training event, we’ll help you transfer the skills you learned in the classroom into your work life.

International Training

de Bono Consulting works with Certified Trainers across the globe to deliver de Bono training seminars for U.S. businesses who have locations in other countries. Available languages:

English | Dutch | Finnish | French | German | Italian
Portuguese | Spanish | Swedish | Japanese | Korean
Mandarin-Simplified | Mandarin-Traditional
Thai | Arabic | Turkish