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_MG_7290iDear Colleague,
The difference between brilliant and mediocre thinking lies not so much in our mental equipment as in how well we use it.

I have dedicated my career to studying the process of creativity, and developing a series of systems, techniques and thinking tools designed to help anyone think more creatively. I invented the term ‘Lateral Thinking’ to indicate the deliberate and formal use of tools that provoke changes in ideas, concepts and perceptions – based on an understanding of how the brain works as a self organising information system.

It is no longer inspiration, or being creatively talented. Anyone can be creative – provided they learn and develop their skills.

These integrated thinking and creativity training, and concept development programs offer a great deal of flexibility to any individual or organisation wanting to learn more about harnessing their creative potential, with outstanding results.
You can take advantage of my lifetime of research, a series of proven training programs and a team of professionally accredited trainers to give your business or organisation a powerful competitive advantage, and you will start seeing results immediately.

Give serious thought to the commercial and corporate advantages of creativity, and you will realise that creativity is indeed a ‘serious’ matter and not just some peripheral luxury. This creativity program provides you with a number of proven and concrete ways to learn the power of creativity and innovation.

How could your organisation benefit from a more creative approach to business?

It’s worth thinking about.
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