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Recently, Michael Geller wrote an article entitled, Creative Thinking Required For Affordable Housing. In the article, Geller talks about the lack of affordable housing in Vancouver due to running out of land and the struggle the city is having with developing more affordable housing. The author Geller is calling out for the city to use Edward de Bono’s creative thinking tools.

Geller’s favorite de Bono technique is captured in this quote,

“When a fish processing company invited him [Edward de Bono] to advise it on how it could more effectively remove fish from the bones, he suggested it focus on removing the bones from the fish.”

Based on this way of thinking, Geller presents several ways of adding affordable housing or as he looks at it, “we’re just not making the best use of the land we already have.”

So the questions are raised,

What is your problem?
Will you use de Bono technique’s, to find a better answer?

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