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At de Bono Consulting we are always looking for information that will help our clients and colleagues. Recently Mike Michalowicz, author of the best-selling book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, asked selected consultants how they stay focused on top priorities during downtimes. I responded and was one of 63 people whose ideas were chosen to appear on his web site

I was pleased to be included, but even better, I collected many other interesting ideas on how successful people manage their time and attention. It’s daunting to read the whole list at once, so I’ve decided to supply two tips per week in my blog posts, along with other information that you might find interesting. (Please do check out Mike’s site, as well–he is a great resource.)

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How To Stay Focused

Fear–Plain and Simple
In the heart of every successful entrepreneur, you’ll find fear. Nothing helps you focus quite like it. Harness it. Because if you aren’t able to focus, buckle down and accomplish what needs to be done for your business and your clients (in that order) – you’re finished. Game over.
Thanks To: Joyce Wilden of Buzz Biz Public Relations

Shut and lock the door.
Turn off the phone. Turn off e-mail until the task is done.
Thanks To: Will Limkemann of Siqua Group Limited

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