Edward de Bono Innovation Training in Chicago

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Have you always wanted to attend a Six Thinking Hats or other Edward de Bono training seminar?

Spots are filling quickly for the events in Chicago next month.

No matter which course you choose, you’ll learn new skills you can apply immediately to help drive innovation, improve communication, and increase efficiency and problem solving at your organization.

Six Thinking Hats
Maximize Your Thinking
September 8
September 8-11 (train-the-trainer certification)

Lateral Thinking
Produce Innovation on Demand
September 9-10
September 9-12 (train-the-trainer certification)

Course in Creativity
Essential ...

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iinnovate Podcast With IDEO Founder

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We’re always looking for great websites on creativity & innovation, and the iinnovate blog is no exception. The blog is run by students at Stanford University’s Business and Design Schools, and offers podcast interviews with leaders of some of the world’s most innovative companies.

We found the interview with IDEO Founder, David Kelley particularly relevant.

Kelley highlighted the importance of empowering your people to think that they are creative. Companies should tap into the creativity of everyone in ...

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Six Thinking Hats For Problem-Solving

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Six Thinking Hats provides a wonderful framework for problem solving. It helps teams identify the differences between problems and opportunities and allows them to look at each in a systematic manner.

Participants will learn a process that simplifies thinking by allowing them to deal with one aspect of a problem at a time. With Six Thinking Hats you’ll separate out the different aspects of thinking and focus as a team in parallel on the information known or needed (white hat), the ...

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Webinar: Imagine What Six Thinking Hats Training Can Do For Your Organization

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Today was our second day of hosting a Webinar focused on Six Thinking Hats and how you can bring Six Hats to your organization. We had three speakers on the call: Barbara Stennes, Certified Lifetime Master Trainer of Edward de Bono’s Thinking Methods; Amy Hoey, Business Development Manager of de Bono Consulting; and Jim Atkinson, Six Sigma Master Black Belt with Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’l, which is a DuPont Company.


  • Origin of Six Thinking Hats
  • Client Applications
  • Jim Atkinson, Pioneer Hi-Bred, International
  • Explanation of the ...
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