Infusing Innovative Thinking Into Six Sigma!

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Did any of you read the article by Don Peppers on Six Sigma? Peppers did a great job bringing to light the lack of innovation tools in the Six Sigma process. The Six Sigma process was designed to plan, predict, document, adjust, and improve the current work process. For this purpose, Six Sigma is a great tool ...

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Innovation Week April 4-8, 2011

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Make 2011 the year you invest in innovation training to help boost your organization’s productivity and profits. Join us at the de Bono Consulting corporate headquarters in Des Moines for the following training seminars.

April 4: Lateral Thinking
Deliberate, systematic process that sparks creative thinking
7 Lateral Thinking tools lead to innovation in process, product, and problem solving.

April 5: Six Thinking Hats
Organize and maximize individual and team thinking
Learn how to enhance meeting effectiveness by methodically channeling group attention in ...

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Edward de Bono Innovation Training in Chicago

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Have you always wanted to attend a Six Thinking Hats or other Edward de Bono training seminar?

Spots are filling quickly for the events in Chicago next month.

No matter which course you choose, you’ll learn new skills you can apply immediately to help drive innovation, improve communication, and increase efficiency and problem solving at your organization.

Six Thinking Hats
Maximize Your Thinking
September 8
September 8-11 (train-the-trainer certification)

Lateral Thinking
Produce Innovation on Demand
September 9-10
September 9-12 (train-the-trainer certification)

Course in Creativity
Essential ...

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