Posted by: posted on July 30, 2012

The Times of India has an article about Dr. de Bono’s book H+, a meditation on happiness, help, health, hope, and humor. Nominally a quasi-religious treatise, it sounds like the sort of easily digestible pop psychology that Alain de Botton has popularized.

But who knows? Dr. de Bono is certainly one of the world’s leading thinkers, and scholars have grappled for millenia with commingled questions of religion and philosophy. Perhaps someday the name “Edward of ...

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Obstacles to Innovation

Posted by: posted on July 20, 2012

This article about obstacles to innovation recently caught my attention. I know nothing about the author or publication, but this particular essay is largely consistent with my understanding the brain’s approach to innovation.

For instance, Coker writes that “the first step in innovation is being able to make connections between unrelated things.” Edward de Bono would wholeheartedly agree with this statement; in fact, one of his Lateral Thinking techniques, Random Word, is expressly designed to accomplish this. This technique forces a ...

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Upcoming Six Thinking Hats training

Posted by: posted on July 17, 2012

A quick public service announcement: the next public Six Thinking Hats training session is scheduled for the week of September 24th, 2012.

This is part of de Bono Consulting’s “Innovation Week” program, with a variety of Edward de Bono’s courses on offer:

  • Six Thinking Hats – Tuesday, Sept. 25
  • Lateral Thinking – Wednesday, Sept. 26
  • Course in Creativity – Sept. 25-26 (a combined Six Hats + Lateral Thinking program)
  • Focus on Facilitation – Sept. 25-28
  • Trainer certification  – Sept. 25-28 (in Six Hats, Lateral, or any ...
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Practical Ways to Become More Creative

Posted by: posted on July 12, 2012

In the latest issue of Pacific Standard, Paul Silvia reviews Roberta Ness’ new book, Innovation Generation: How to Produce Creative and Useful Scientific Ideas.

Full disclosure: I haven’t yet read the book, so my impressions are based entirely on Silvia’s review. It sounds like a useful (albeit imperfect) contribution the literature, and I look forward to getting hold of a copy.

Many innovation books fall into what I affectionately think of as the Platitude Pitfall: exhorting the reader to be ...

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2012 Global Innovation Index

Posted by: posted on July 10, 2012

The 2012 Global Innovation Index is here! This report, developed jointly by the INSEAD business school and WIPO (a division of the United Nations), creates a league table of innovation and ranks every country in the world.

Before we look at the results, an obligatory word about the methodology. As with any ranking system, one can always take issue with the methodology and the relative weights of different variables. That doubtless holds true here, as well. In this case, the rankings ...

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Posted by: posted on April 13, 2012

Forbes has a nice interview with Tina Seelig, author of the new book inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity. I haven’t read the book (though it’s on my list), but the interview is worth a read.

Particularly intriguing is the fact that Seelig is a neuroscientist, so she approaches creativity from a very different perspective than most writers and thinkers. In the interview, Seelig states that creativity is both a natural characteristic and a learned skill, rather like musical ...

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Innovation @ Google

Posted by: posted on March 19, 2012

Is Google still as innovative as it once was? Lately, this question has occupied the attention of the press and blogosphere.

The CSM lauds Google as an innovative company. The main thrust of the article is the race for innovation at the international level – how innovation varies in China vs. Europe vs. America. But the author implicitly endorses Google as being at the forefront of innovation.

James Whittaker, a former Google employee, thinks otherwise. He explains his decision to ...

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How to Be Creative

Posted by: posted on March 15, 2012

Jonah Lehrer’s article, How to Be Creative, is spot-on. Whilst the media likes to lionize so-called “creative types,” the fact remains that creativity does not reside our genes. Rather, as Lehrer correctly observes, it is a skill that can be learned and developed like any other.

Regular readers of this blog will know that Lateral Thinking, invented by Dr. Edward de Bono, provides a set of techniques for spurring innovation. Moreover, anybody can learn these techniques with great success.

In this ...

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Innovation Week is Just Around the Corner!

Posted by: posted on March 12, 2012

Join us at de Bono Consulting for our upcoming Innovation Week, March 20-23 in Des Moines, Iowa!

We’re holding end-user courses and trainer certifications in Edward de Bono’s powerful creativity systems, Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking.

Can’t make this session? Not a problem. We run Innovation Week periodically through the year – see our training calendar for full details.

  • May 8-11 in New York
  • June 12-15 in Des Moines
  • September 25-28 in Des Moines
  • November 13-16 in New York
  • December 4-7 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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