Beta Test our new Innovation Assessment (v3.0)

Posted by: posted on August 7, 2013

We’re soon launching the third beta test of our new innovation assessment – and we need your help!

The feedback from the first two rounds of testing has been overwhelming positive, and we’re eager to see what improvements that R&D department has cooked up.

This is a team-based innovation assessment that focuses on the culture of innovation within a team or organization. We posit that innovation is a function of two variables:

  1. Individual team members’ personal attitudes towards innovation
  2. The group culture ...
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New Innovation Assessment: Project da Vinci

Posted by: posted on September 28, 2012

Want to beta test an exciting, new innovation assessment?
Project da Vinci, a new product initiative for 2013, has just gone into beta. This program explores the question of how organizations foster and maintain an innovative culture? We hypothesize that organizational innovation is a function of (1) individual behavioral styles and (2) group dynamics. Project da Vinci explores this question using individual and team self-assessments.

We’re looking for existing, intact teams that consider themselves innovative, are working on an innovative ...

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The State of Create

Posted by: posted on September 25, 2012

Adobe and consultancy StrategyOne have released an international creativity study, the State of Create Global Benchmark. Before we get to their conclusions, I have two quick caveats. One, yes, I’m late to party on this one. Mea culpa. Two, I have some concerns about their methodology. Specifically, the report offers little information about their methodology, and the some of the phrasing slants in one direction. Together, these two facts make me question the report’s objectivity. Regardless, I ...

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Innovation Fridays at Garage Games

Posted by: posted on August 23, 2012

Digital Journal sends us to video game company Garage Games, which has implemented Innovation Fridays to give employees time and space to work on creative projects of their own devising. We wholeheartedly applaud this decision; it’s our experience that giving time and space for individual thinking is an essential element of the innovation process. Kudos to Garage Games.

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More on Six Thinking Hats: The (Non)-Musical

Posted by: posted on August 17, 2012

Quick follow-up to my previous posts (here and here) on Asher Treleaven’s Six Thinking Hats stand-up comedy routine.

First, the Guardian reviews Edinburgh fringe. Of Treleaven’s show, they say, “Not many comics could get away with introducing their show as ‘like a comedy TED talk’, but Treleaven always walks a fine line between the intellectual and the physical – he sums up his show as ‘Daddy issues, juggling and ball cancer’. It’s a slick ...

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The Blind ‘I’ of DMAIC

Posted by: posted on August 13, 2012

Shameless plug: there’s still time to register for our free, one-hour webinar, The Blind ‘I’ of DMAIC. This webinar explores the connection between innovation and process improvement. Our Master Trainer has decades of experience applying Edward de Bono’s thinking tools, Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking, to Lean Sigma programs at blue chip companies.

In his experience, most process improvement initiatives are extremely good at DMAC – in other words, at defining the situation, measuring variables, analyzing the data, and controlling ...

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Disney’s Top 10 Innovations

Posted by: posted on August 6, 2012

Staten Island Live has a feature on Disney’s all-time greatest innovations. And no, I don’t see the connection between Staten Island and Walt Disney, but let’s just glide right past that question.

Anyway, it’s an interesting article. Several of these innovations have become so commonplace that I had no idea that Disney had invented them. Nor, for that matter, did I even consider them particularly innovative. But then, what’s that old chestnut? “Every great idea is obvious in ...

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How Edward de Bono Saved Olympic Swimming

Posted by: posted on August 4, 2012

Again, I hyperbolize.  But Scientific American has a lengthy article about innovation in swimsuit technology. Following the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, officials banned a performance-enhancing swimsuit that was either credited or blamed (depending on one’s perspective) for breaking record after record.

In response, swimsuit maker Speedo had to rethink swimming technology. Amongst the techniques they employed? Six Thinking Hats

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How Edward de Bono Saved the Olympic Games

Posted by: posted on August 1, 2012

Okay, okay, I confess: “saved the Olympics” is a bit melodramatic. But according to the Malta Independent, “Peter Ueberroth, who was in charge of the [1984 Los Angeles Olympic] Games, developed a new way of thinking about financing them and for the first time in history, the Games were profitable. Asked how he came up with these ideas, he attributed the results to Edward de Bono’s philosophy of lateral thinking.”

Is there any truth to this story? I have no idea. ...

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