America’s Secret Weapon

Posted by: posted on April 19, 2016


Bill Gates recently published America’s Secret Weapon an amazing article about innovation and how America needs to invest more into research and development. In a comment to Gate’s article, someone wrote that we need an individual with the vision, alignment, and execution of innovation. I think that we need to train the leaders of this country some ...

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Brainstorming Tools that Improve Creativity!

Posted by: posted on March 28, 2016

Brainstorming Idea

Business leaders today have taken an amazing brainstorming tool phase “Think outside the box” and turned it into a buzzword for their creativity. Lateral Thinking was the original brainstorming tool that used this phrase to train our clients to think unconventional or from a different perspective. How can Lateral Thinking improve the company’s creativity?

Lateral Thinking will provide ...

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What Makes the Lateral Thinking Different Than Other Idea Generators?

Posted by: posted on March 16, 2016


The difference maker that Lateral Thinking brings to a company is revolutionary. Lateral Thinking changes a companies ideas generators from a slow and difficult process to a fast, productive, and fun process. The competitive advantage the Lateral Thinking gives a company is multiple ideas in a matter of few minutes towards any situation, problem, or process. Below is a fun example of Lateral Thinking Results done in our office.

Problem in the space exploration world: How ...

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Where Good Ideas Come From?

Posted by: posted on February 25, 2016

What’s the best way to collect these Good Ideas based on our hunches? In addition, how many Good Ideas are lost in the coffee shop?

We use Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking as a tool to collect our Good Ideas or Solutions to our problems. After all, Good Ideas are solutions to our problems. So the next time you have a hunch try our tools to turn that hunch into a Good Idea!

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Real World Example of Using Six Value Medals

Posted by: posted on January 25, 2016

Team’s Focus: Should ABC Company remove company cars? See Six Value Medals results below.

Silver: Cost savings

Gold: Eliminates the car’s maintenance responsibilities on the driver and the process of buying and selling the cars.

Steel: Allows capital to be moved to other company needs

Wood: Makes the company more environmentally friendly because the company is sharing the employees’ car’s in order to complete the companies tasks

Brass: Shareholder’s result in a ...

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Six Thinking Hats Influence Sabrina Tan Decision

Posted by: posted on January 18, 2016

In a recent interview by Sonia Kolesnikov, Making Use of a Fresh Perspective, talks about Sabrina Tan’s career and her move into Skin, Inc. During the interview, Sabrina Tan talks about her IBM experience and the training she received in presentation skills and the Six Thinking Hats. In the interview, Sabrina Tan mentions that IBM taught her how to use different thinking hats to solve problems ...

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Mark Cuban’s Insights about Wisdom, Startups, and Innovation

Posted by: posted on January 13, 2016

Mark Cuban looks for entrepreneurs that are creative and innovative thinkers that will disrupt their industry. In my opinion, an entrepreneurs success will depend on his or her innovative ideas and how well he or she can execute those ideas. Does your company adhere to Mark Cuban’s advice? If so, what tools does your company use to collect and execute its creativity and innovative ideas?

By de Bono ...

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A Misconception about Six Thinking Hats!

Posted by: posted on January 5, 2016

Recently, I read an online post about someone’s interpretation of the Six Thinking Hats process and the post fell into a misconception about the Six Thinking Hats. The post talked about how the Six Thinking Hats identifies each persons preferred thinking style and associates each thinking style with a colored hat. According to the post, The Six Thinking Hats were interpreted as follows:

Blue Hat: Big Picture Thinker
White Hat: Fact Thinker
Green Hat: Creative Thinker
Yellow Hat: Constructive or Positive Thinker
Black Hat: ...
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