“Make Innovation Work in Your Workplace”

Posted by: posted on September 9, 2006

The August 2006 issue of T+D contained an article titled “Make Innovation Work in Your Workplace” written by Jeff DeGraffis and Pete Bacevice. The article provides 7 techniques, used by Fortune 500 companies, to teach employees to be innovative.

#1: How you innovate is what you innovate.
Organizations need to understand the creative results they are trying to acheive. From there, determine which method, or combinartion of thinking methods, is suited for your company’s needs.

#2: Enlist your “creativizers”.
Innovators can include ...

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New Innovation Course: Simplicity

Posted by: posted on September 6, 2006

Simplicity is Dr. Edward de Bono’s newest course, based on Dr. de Bono’s book “Simplicity” (1999).

What is Simplicity?

A system naturally experiences incremental changes over time that increases its complexity. You make the best of a current system by adding components as needed. Eventually, the system will become too complex and will require redesign.

As the rate of change accelerates, systems can become complex very quickly. However, no one group is responsible for reducing complexity, and not much progress is made in ...

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Edward de Bono to Speak at the Leaders in Dubai Business Forum 2006

Posted by: posted on September 5, 2006

Dr. Edward de Bono will speak at the Leaders in Dubai Business Forum on November 28 & 29. He will join General Colin L. Powell (Ret.), Michael Eisner (CEO, Walt Disney Company 1984-2005), Louis V. Gerstner Jr (Chairman, IBM 1993-2002), Her Majesty Queen Noor, CK Prahalad (author of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid), and Harry S. Dent Jr (economist and investor forecaster).

Edward de Bono will discuss:

  • Using the power of Lateral Thinking to change perceptions and create new ...
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New Innovation Blog!

Posted by: posted on August 29, 2006

de Bono Consulting is pleased to provide a new blog to open communication regarding Dr. Edward de Bono’s Thinking Methods – including Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Course in Creativity, Focus on Facilitation, and Simplicity. Our clients and other blog browsers are welcome to post comments or request new discussions.

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