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As promised, here are two more tips on Staying Focused from Mike Michalowicz’s Toilet Paper Entrepreneur website.

While reviewing today’s tips, I checked out Claire Tompkins’ blog at and found an amazing array of resources for becoming more organized.

I’ve also been receiving Mike’s updates on the number of hits the Staying Focused list has received. Here is one synopsis he sent to those of us whose tips were posted:

“The post got over 100 views…. A MINUTE…. during the 8 hours of peak traffic time. So far we have over 14,000 unique visitors to the Stay Focused post.

Also, we are on the front page Google for search terms ‘staying focused’ and ‘ways to stay focused’, and are 2nd page Google for many other terms. And the post only went live two days ago!”

It interests me to see that so many people are searching for help on focusing their attention, since this is such a core concept underlying all of Edward de Bono’s thinking tools. Focus is a very powerful tool for creative thinking, a fact that may surprise you. In his book Serious Creativity, Dr. de Bono wrote, “Skilled focus with a little creative skill is probably better than poor focus with great creative skill. So the importance of focus should not be forgotten—especially as it is relatively easy to develop the focus habit.”

Master powerful tools for focusing your attention and energy by enrolling in a de Bono training class. As Edward de Bono said, we can make it easy for you to develop the focus habit.

Today’s Tips on How to Stay Focused

Words of Wisdom
Post a focus statement above your desk.
Examples: It’s the economy, stupid –James Carville.
Just do it –Nike.
It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop –Confucius.

Thanks To: Claire Tompkins of Clutter Coach

Get Into The Spirit Of It
I stay focused, when it’s difficult to do, by getting into the spirit of the subject matter through what I wear and how I set up my space when writing or preparing a speech. If I’m working on a Western, I’ll wear boots and jeans and have a figuring horse by my computer. If writing a spiritual book, I might have a Bible and my teddy-bear-angel next to my computer. I try to make it fun – and act AS IF I’m totally in the spirit of the subject matter.

Thanks To: Linda Seger of Script consulting, seminars, books

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