Leading North American Representative of Dr. Edward de Bono, Father of Lateral Thinking, Announces Innovation Competition

Des Moines, IA, June 29, 2009

Barbara Stennes, CEO of de Bono Consulting, today announced Dr. Edward de Bono’s new global Innovation Competition. Dr. de Bono, author of over 75 books on innovative thinking and European Ambassador for Thinking 2009, has launched a global search for those who have achieved outstanding results using the lateral thinking techniques that he is famous for inventing. And Barbara is determined to help make this search successful.

“We have talked to many people over the years who share wonderful success stories,” Barbara said. “But not everyone has the time, skill, or confidence to write their story down or to promote what they’ve done. We are so keen on the importance of telling these stories that we even published our own collection in a book called Innovation Case by Case. But the book has just made readers hungry for more. So we’re providing, free of charge, a professional writer to interview candidates and help them put their stories into words for this competition.”

Anyone who has used Dr. de Bono’s tools successfully is eligible for the contest. Both individuals and organizations may enter. Dr. de Bono himself will read and judge the entries. Ten winners will have their stories showcased on Dr. de Bono’s websites and will meet personally with Dr. de Bono to accept their awards. The deadline for entries is now December 31, 2009.

“We expect to be very busy in weeks to come, talking with candidates,” Barbara said. “It’s so rewarding to hear how people apply skills that you’ve taught them to get great results. Many times they surprise themselves with their outcomes.”

de Bono Consulting is regularly the top performer in a global network of distributors and trainers who conduct de Bono training courses for corporations and governments. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, de Bono Consulting supports several hundred certified instructors in North America and Mexico. Barbara has been named a Lifetime de Bono Master Trainer, one of only four in the world. She was among the first 12 trainers ever certified by Dr. de Bono, in February of 1992.