Innovation Training Slated for September

Barbara Stennes, CEO of de Bono Consulting, today announced plans to partner with the Creative Education Foundation (CEF), home of Alex Osborne and Sidney Parnes’ Creative Problem Solving process, for a week of de Bono workshops to be held September 28 through October 2, 2009, at CEF’s headquarters in Amherst, MA.

“In recent years, clients have drawn our attention to the synergy between the Creative Problem Solving process and Dr. de Bono’s frameworks and tools,” said Barbara. “Divergent thinking is core to each step in the CPS process, and the de Bono tools provide specific techniques to maximize results when this kind of thinking is needed.”

Victoria Cliche, CEO of CEF observed, “Many of our members want to identify all of the best available expertise related to innovation so that they can put together a strong virtual team to help them reach their goals. By working with innovation thought leaders, CEF can help people see how various tool sets and processes complement and strengthen one another. CEF is excited about expanding our ability to provide this important service for our members.”

The de Bono Training Workshop Schedule:

Sept. 28: Six Thinking Hats
Sept. 28-30: Course in Creativity
Sept. 29-30: Lateral Thinking End-User Training Seminar
Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Lateral Thinking Certification

The CEF headquarters where the workshops will be held is at 48 North Pleasant Street, Suite 301, Amherst, MA.

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The Creative Education Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization, encourages people to think more imaginatively and improve their community.