A Misconception about Six Thinking Hats!

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Recently, I read an online post about someone’s interpretation of the Six Thinking Hats process and the post fell into a misconception about the Six Thinking Hats. The post talked about how the Six Thinking Hats identifies each persons preferred thinking style and associates each thinking style with a colored hat. According to the post, The Six Thinking Hats were interpreted as follows:

Blue Hat: Big Picture Thinker
White Hat: Fact Thinker
Green Hat: Creative Thinker
Yellow Hat: Constructive or Positive Thinker
Black Hat: ‘Devil’s Advocate’ or Negative Thinker
Red Hat: Intuition or Past Experience Thinker

Using the Six Thinking Hats in this manner is a misconception by those who did not have the proper training in the methodology. The Six Thinking Hats process does not classify or place each person into a hat but rather puts each hat on every person. The reason that Dr. Edward de Bono built a Six Thinking Hats Certification program was to ensure the proper use of the Six Thinking Hats process because the improper use destroys the power of the Six Thinking Hats.

Do you know how to use the power of the Six Thinking Hats?

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