Happy Thanksgiving From de Bono Consulting

Posted by: posted on November 21, 2016


Every year, we close our offices so that our team may spend Thanksgiving with their family and friends and give thanks for all that we have received this the year. The de Bono Consulting Team would like to THANK YOU for the opportunity to serve you and your teams this year.

For planning purposes, de Bono Consulting offices will be closed November 24 and 25 ...

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12 Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking

Posted by: posted on August 22, 2016

12 Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking

A fellow de Bono Trainer gave me 12 Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking which is completely accurate. As innovative thinkers, we can learn something from this great list on creativity.

1. You are creative. Believe it!
2. Creative thinking is work. You will have more bad ideas than good ones, but those bad ideas lead you to the great ideas.
3. You must ...

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Six Thinking Hats = the Life of a Data Scientist

Posted by: posted on June 7, 2016

Debleena Roy posted a real world example of how the Six Thinking Hats help make her successful in the Data Scientist world. See the correlation between the Six Thinking Hats and the needs of a data scientist.

  1. White Hat
  1. de Bono: Calls for information
  2. Data Scientist Needs: Data, just data
  • Blue Hat
    1. de Bono: Manage the thinking process
    2. Data Scientist Needs: Generate ...
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    Infusing Innovative Thinking Into Six Sigma!

    Posted by: posted on May 11, 2016


    Did any of you read the article by Don Peppers on Six Sigma? Peppers did a great job bringing to light the lack of innovation tools in the Six Sigma process. The Six Sigma process was designed to plan, predict, document, adjust, and improve the current work process. For this purpose, Six Sigma is a great tool ...

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    America’s Secret Weapon

    Posted by: posted on April 19, 2016


    Bill Gates recently published America’s Secret Weapon an amazing article about innovation and how America needs to invest more into research and development. In a comment to Gate’s article, someone wrote that we need an individual with the vision, alignment, and execution of innovation. I think that we need to train the leaders of this country some ...

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    Brainstorming Tools that Improve Creativity!

    Posted by: posted on March 28, 2016

    Brainstorming Idea

    Business leaders today have taken an amazing brainstorming tool phase “Think outside the box” and turned it into a buzzword for their creativity. Lateral Thinking was the original brainstorming tool that used this phrase to train our clients to think unconventional or from a different perspective. How can Lateral Thinking improve the company’s creativity?

    Lateral Thinking will provide ...

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    What Makes the Lateral Thinking Different Than Other Idea Generators?

    Posted by: posted on March 16, 2016


    The difference maker that Lateral Thinking brings to a company is revolutionary. Lateral Thinking changes a companies ideas generators from a slow and difficult process to a fast, productive, and fun process. The competitive advantage the Lateral Thinking gives a company is multiple ideas in a matter of few minutes towards any situation, problem, or process. Below is a fun example of Lateral Thinking Results done in our office.

    Problem in the space exploration world: How ...

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